SenegalVenture - the work of WorldVenture in Senegal

Some of our SenegalVenture personnel and ministries...

       Marilyn Escher checking the Wolof Bible                             Dakar Academy's outreach team
           translation with a language helper.                                       at the Kouta village church.

        Adama Diouf teaching a class at ITES                         Dan Penney discipling Kelountang Diatta.
 (the Evangelical Theology Institute of Senegal).

     Laura Newkirk entertaining Senegalese                       Once a week Steve Newkirk supervises the
                     friends in her home.                                       Study Center (an evangelism contact point).

 The team worshipping together at field meeting.                    Matt & Niki Paschall visiting a village.

    Bill & Nancy McComb bring Christmas cheer                   Dan Penney teaching a doctrine course
          to their girls dorm at Dakar Academy.                           to rural pastors in the Diourbel area.

    Radio studio under construction in Diourbel                John Huffman private Christian primary school,
        to create Christian radio broadcasts.                     conceived and built by the Thies Baptist Church.

More to come in the future...  Check back again in a few weeks.