SenegalVenture - the work of WorldVenture in Senegal


We BELIEVE that Senegal is an open door (Rev 3:8).

To WHERE?  To the whole Muslim world
(i.e., most of the rest of the 10/40 window).

WHY?  Because Senegal represents a unique opportunity.  Consider...
...a country of 94% Muslim population...
...with true religious freedom...
...positioned geographically at the start of an unbroken chain of Muslim-majority nations that stretches from the west coast of Africa to the northern border of China!

So we have a dream---and a prayer---that, as Christ builds his church among the Muslims of Senegal, the Holy Spirit will instill in these Muslim-background believers the vision to go where western missionaries are not welcome, and to reach other Muslims with an effectiveness that we could never match.
Below is part of our roadmap for reaching this dream.

We envision communities transformed by Christ as we equip and encourage (indigenous) churches.

Our six global Purposes (and some of their "strategic outcomes"):

  1. Make disciples of Jesus Christ.
    1. establish and model redemptive relationships
    2. maintain discipleship relationships in both directions (up and down)
  2. Establish healthy, reproducing churches.
    1. develop increased sacred visibility in both ceremony and architecture
    2. encourage & facilitate prayer events
    3. encourage & facilitate missions initiatives by indigenous churches
  3. Equip leaders for the churches.
    1. develop Christian leadership impact beyond the churches (i.e., in local communities and in Senegalese society at large)
    2. facilitate development of sacred music (esp. indigenous composers)
  4. Demonstrate compassion.
    1. including vocational / technical training
  5. Raise the profile of the evangelical community in this Muslim land.
    1. encourage and facilitate Christian media emissions
    2. encourage and facilitate meetings with government officials to represent the evangelical community
    3. erect signs identifying evangelical structures (churches, schools, clinics, etc.)
    4. encourage and facilitate Christian public events
  6. Translate the Scriptures into indigenous language.

See / download our complete Vision & Strategic Plan here (in PDF).